Photography is not just a profession for me but a medium through which I express my feelings and my outlook on life.

To me, photography is part technique and part creativity. The technical part was the easy part in my case, given that I have a background in electronics and IT. As for the creative part, I have had an incredible urge to express myself and my view of life since I was very young, so photography was the perfect medium for me!

I first got into photography through the world of fashion. I remember flipping through the pages of fashion magazines and wondering how the pictures within had been produced. Fashion photography has taught me, amongst other things, how to make use of whatever is at hand to make a photo stand out. 

I then started to do the odd job here and there and, as my interest grew, I felt compelled to study other areas of photography. Eventually, I developed a fascination for documentary photography which, in turn, allowed me to delve into weddings and commercial photography.

In 2012, I decided it was time to take the plunge and turn the passion I had for photography into a full-time job. Nowadays, I specialise in fine art weddings with a natural approach, fashion and portraits, food photography and styling, interiors and architecture, and travel photography. 

Thankfully, I now have an esteemed clientele which allow me the freedom to do meaningful work for them while continuing to strive for perfection in my craft. Through them, my work has been published in various local and international publications. I have also held talks and workshops on different areas of photography.

When I step away from the camera, I like travel, motorcycles, patterned tiles and having a cold beer by the sea with family and friends. All these inspire me in their own way.

Most of all, I believe in balance. It is key to everything I do.



Winner, Malta National Fashion Awards 2011& 2012